Our Valued Customers

Watermark USA services all industries, big and small. Offices, schools, hospitals, salons, warehouses, fitness centers, even Hollywood movie studios. There is no environment where we have not been able to deliver quality filtered water.

Below are just examples of typical industries and businesses we service. Contact us if you feel we can service you as well.

a. Education

Students, faculty, and administrators have been consistent drivers of healthy drinking water and minimizing the impact of plastic on the environment. We have worked closely with the educators and regularly presents to students the value of filtered water and the importance of this precious resource. We are the approved provider of drinking water filtration for PAISBOA (Philadelphia Area Independent School Board of Advisors).

b. Offices

Employees want healthy water at their workplace and managers want to provide it in an efficient, safe and cost-effective manner. We address all of these issues with its excellent filtration, state-of-the-art equipment, and trained service-oriented technicians.

c. Manufacturing/Warehousing

Installations within large warehousing environments can be tricky and care needs to be taken to get water where it needs to be. Watermark has rarely seen a location where it cannot install its filtration systems. Employers want employees to have access to water where they need it and to not be distracted by having to walk long ways to get this critical product. Watermark USA makes it happen.

d. Healthcare

Watermark USA many customers in the healthcare industry rely on us to partner with them in the name of good health. We work with healthcare providers to ensure quality water is available for their patients in the most appropriate and sanitized environment. Contact us to find out how we can do the same for your business.

e. Food Service

Whether it is the water feeding your soda/juice machine, your coffee maker or even your steamers and combi ovens, we have the appropriate filtration solutions to ensure your water, soda, juices, and coffee taste great and your equipment is free of damaging scale, chloramines, and other damaging contaminants.

f. Government

We work with all branches of civilian and military government to deliver high quality filtered water within the security and quality specifications required in this sensitive environment. Our staffers undergo rigorous background and drug testing before they are hired and throughout their employment.

g. Salons/Fitness Centers

Good, safe drinking water is an assumed benefit in fitness and beauty facilities. Valuable customers expect to have excellent water readily available and owners want it delivered in an efficient and attractive manner that compliments their workspace. Watermark USA has the filtration and equipment to complement your facility!

Watermark USA is a Veteran-Owned Small Business and proud member of the Water Quality Association.

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