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When it comes to bottle-less water filtration system sales, installation, and maintenance, Watermark USA rises above the rest. Our company provides high-tech, bottle-less water purification systems that dispense higher quality water at a lower cost when compared to traditional bottle water coolers. We are currently offering bottle-less water filtration system sales and installation services to more than 300 customers in the Eastern Mid-Atlantic region, thus providing limitless filtered water to countless people.

Watermark USA provides customized and appropriate bottle-less water purification systems that dispense higher-quality water at a lower cost when compared to traditional bottle water coolers. In addition, the environmental impact of bottle-less filtration is far less than that of the "manufactured water" commonly found in bottled coolers and the throw-away bottles.

Our systems refine and improve your tap water incorporating appropriate combinations of:

Watermark USA’s Customers Include:

While delivering high-quality drinking water to its valued customers, Watermark USA strives to adhere to its 5 C’s of bottle-less drinking water delivery:


You can’t get more personal than water. It’s essential to good health so it needs to be clean. But it also needs to taste good – which can be different for different people. Watermark USA can test your water to tell you what is and what isn’t in your water. Then you can decide what changes if any need to be made. We have access to numerous high-quality filtration solutions and will not lock you into a limiting “Plug-and-Play” system. That is cool.

Cost Savings

Are you using more than four 5-gallon water jugs per month in each of your water existing water coolers? Are you being billed extra for installations or filter changes on your existing bottle-less systems? Watermark USA understands what goes into the cost of good drinking water (was it that long ago that we all thought we were entitled to free, safe drinking water from the tap? You can thank your bottled water provider for re-defining drinking water from a right to a “beverage”).
Don’t get us started.


Bottled water is the result of a manufacturing process. It comes from a factory that sucks it from the ground (or, in many cases, from public reservoirs - tap water!), boxes it up in thick, plastic jugs, loads it onto trucks and delivers it to your location. Then the empties get picked up and eventually disposed of in landfills. This process is riddled with inefficiencies and fossil fuels. And what about the small bottles – even worse!

Bottle-less water is a service. We connect your cooler to the water line, install recyclable filters and service your unit as often as you like. Far, far less impact on the environment.


Drink as much water as you need and want. Don’t worry about having a large place to store the jugs or cases of small bottles of water. Don’t fret about being the unlucky soul who drains the bottle on the top of the cooler and has to lug another bottle into place. Don’t deal with the delivery person who takes up elevator space and disrupts the office while he or she offloads the jug. Bottle-less water is limitless and non-disruptive. This is the way it should be.


What is the world without safe, drinking water? Uninhabitable. As water is intertwined into the fabric of the global community, so is our commitment to our local neighborhoods and communities. We are striving to support those features of our community (first responders, non-profits, etc.) that make us all safer and better neighbors.

To ensure you have an opportunity to experience the quality of our products and service, we are offering a free trial to local businesses. Contact us today to find out how you and your employees can start enjoying better water at a fraction of the cost.

Watermark USA is a Veteran-Owned Small Business and proud member of the Water Quality Association.

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