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To ensure you have an opportunity to taste the quality, Watermark USA is offering businesses in our area a free, seven-day trial of our bottle-less water purification systems. We will deliver and install one of our state-of-art systems at no charge. After one week, you’ll be able to taste the difference, see the savings and feel the convenience. If you are not satisfied with the quality, cost or ease of use, we’ll remove the system with no obligation to your organization.

If you are interested in enjoying better quality water at a lower cost and without the hassles of lifting 40-pound water bottles, click here to sign up for our free trial.

(Free Trial is for office and business applications only and is not available for residences.)

Free Office Drinking Water Test

Watermark USA will conduct its in-house water test of your drinking water at no charge to give you a better idea of what is in your water. This test includes the following parameters:

In addition, Watermark USA and its independent NELAC-certified lab partner will provide testing for lead and/or bacteria and waive the collection fee for its prospective customers (a savings of $85.00). If you are interested in these testing options, click here to sign up!

1)  Water Testing is for office and business applications only and is not available for residences.
2)  Watermark USA’s in-house water test is for reference purposes only. Certified testing can be arranged through our NELAC-certified lab partner.

Watermark USA is a Veteran-Owned Small Business and proud member of the Water Quality Association.

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